posted Jan 23, 2015, 6:05 AM by Naomh Brid





St Brigids GAA Club is holding a Presentation and Information Evening in the Clubhouse on Friday night February 6th next.

The PRESENTATION element of the evening will consist of:

·        Presentation of medals to Boys U18 and U14 teams.

·        Presentation of medals to Girls U14 team

·        Presentation of memento for all under age players.

The INFORMATION element of the evening will consist of presentations on three projects currently in development which will be of future benefit to the Club and all its members:

·        New Coaching Initiatives and Partnerships

·        Proposed development of a new playing pitch

·        Proposed development of a purpose built gymnasium.

This will be an interesting and enjoyable evening for all players, parents and members and all are invited to attend and participate. Light refreshments will be served.



ST Brigids and AIT Sport Science Partnership

St Brigids is entering into cooperation with the AIT Sports Science Department whereby the AIT will provide state of the art support to all our underage squads and their coaches. This will start as a pilot in 2015 but it envisaged being a long term partnership. All squads, both boys and girls, from U12 to U18 inclusive will be part of the initial program.

Three assessment tests will be conducted by AIT per squad per year. Testing will be done at the AIT with the relevant St Brigid’s coach(s) in attendance. The first assessments are planned for January 23rd /24th.

Tests will cover:

·         Peak Height Velocity (PHV) monitoring. Tracking PHV in young athletes will not only allow Brigid’s coaches to program correctly for young players, but also greatly reduce the risk of injury by identifying critical periods within their development. Not only will AIT screen players they will also educate ST Brigid’s coaches about adolescent growth spurt and methods of tracking growth.

·         Lower Limb Power, Movement Screen. AIT screening protocols and corrective programs will allow Coaches to identify players at risk of injuries due to poor movement patterns and also give the players the necessary corrective exercises to quickly correct their movement deficiency leading to improved performance on the field and reduce the risk of injury.

·         Landing mechanics (ACL risk)

·         Agility

·         Speed (5M & 20M)

·         Strength (Upper and Lower)

·         Yo-Yo. The Yo Yo Recovery Test is a much more sports specific version of the bleep test that includes both a walking and rest phase which is much similar and specific to field sports.

Coaches will receive a detailed analysis of test results including a breakdown of each player’s strengths and weaknesses.

After each testing session AIT will host a 2 hr workshop for all underage coaches in St Brigids. The workshop will educate the coaches with the skills necessary to deliver extra pre-hab sessions to correct any movement deficiencies/weaknesses in the players. This will feed into the periodization plan that the coaches will be required to develop and execute before next assessment test. AIT will assign interns from time to time to assist St Brigids coaches in executing the plans.

AIT will also deliver a practical workshop on how to administer a football skills tests to St Brigids coaches. The coaches will execute these in line with the performance testing schedules. Once results are documented they will be analysed by AIT sports Science Department and areas which may need work will be highlighted. AIT will also provide benchmarks from county development squads.